Can you name the top three of every Ballon d’Or award of the 2000s?

The Ballon d’Or award was dominated by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2010s – but the 2000s saw a much more varied host of names compete for the title.

Regarded as the most prestigious individual award in football, the Ballon d’Or has quite a star-studded history.

Karim Benzema won the latest award and described what winning the award meant to him.

“This makes me really proud, all the work I did, I never gave up. I had two role models in my life, Zidane and Ronaldo as well. I always had this dream in my mind that everything’s possible.

“There was a difficult period where I wasn’t in the French team but I worked hard and never gave up, kept my head down and enjoyed playing football.

“I’m really proud of my journey here, it wasn’t easy, it was difficult, for me and my family. Age is just a number for me. People play until their later years now and I still have this burning desire.

“It is this drive that has kept me going and never allowed me to let up. It kept this dream alive and was the fire behind me. I just want to make the most if it.”

We’re giving you 15 minutes to try and name the top three players from every Ballon d’Or award in the 2000s. Naturally, Messi and Ronaldo still feature.

The score from the office to beat is an impressive 27/30. If this gives you the taste for another quiz, try naming every Champions League final goalscorer since 2000.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tweet us your scores @planetfutebol.

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