Friday quiz: Can you name these infamous Premier League players?

Soccer - FA Carling Premiership - Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool Sean Dundee, Liverpool, 24 April 1999

The Premier League has given birth to many legends over the years, but not all of them are legendary for the reasons they might have hoped. Can you name this infamous bunch from their mugshots?

Weird signings, obscure players, uber-flops, players best remembered for doing something utterly ridiculous – we love all that nonsense here at Planet Football.

We also absolutely bloody love a quiz. You can find hundreds of them on our football quiz homepage – we have quizzes that ask you to list multiple answers to a question, quizzes that challenge you to recall a starting XI from a game of the past, and even Sportword, our take on Wordle which gives you a five-letter football word to guess every day.

And now we have a new format which means we can post a load of random pictures and ask you to tell us who or what it is. We’ll be publishing one of these quizzes every Friday going forward, and first up we have 10 former Premier League players to recall who are all infamous for one reason or another.

In certain cases they’re infamous just for being shit, but several are also best remembered for one particular naughty incident.

While you’re here, we’re stupidly trying to complete this year’s World Cup sticker album without buying a single packet. Give our ridiculous idea a read.

But first, good luck with the quiz and don’t forget to tweet us your scores on Twitter @planetfutebol.

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