Put your knowledge of one of English football's tastiest fixtures to the test

The ultimate Chelsea vs Liverpool quiz: 30 tough questions to test your knowledge

Chelsea vs Liverpool is one of English football’s great rivalries, and has been ever since it sparked into life when Jose Mourinho and Rafael Benitez locked horns in the mid-noughties. 

Ahead of the two great clubs meeting in the 2024 Carabao Cup final, we’ve devised a tough quiz that should test all Chelsea and Liverpool fans – as well as the neutrals that’ve tuned in over the years in the hope of a bit of needle.

We make no apologies for leaning in heavily to that mid-noughties heyday, but the 30 questions span the rivalry, with plenty from more recent times and some going back to before the Premier League era. The score to beat from Planet Football Towers for this one is 17/30.

If this puts you in the mood for another challenge, have a go at naming all 34 players that have scored 100 Premier League goals?

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Good luck, and don’t forget to tweet us your score at @planetfutebol.

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