Who do this lot currently represent?

Can you name the clubs these 20 former Man City stars are playing for in 2024?

Manchester City have been English football’s most dominant force for over a decade now, with plenty of faces coming and going as they continue to lift silverware at a near-unprecedented rate. The question is – do you keep up with their former stars’ careers after they depart the Etihad?

We’ve compiled a quiz featuring 20 former Man City players. Some are title-winning legends that racked up hundreds of appearances. Others came through the academy and never made it beyond the fringes.

We’re testing whether you know where they’re at today – with clubs across (almost) every continent featured.

If you think you know where a particular player is, type your answer in the box.

You don’t actually have to match each player to each club, so you might be wrong about one player but get the right club for another.

Another strategy would be to guess clubs across world football where you can imagine that some of these players have ended up – you never know, every chance you get lucky.

But you’re not getting any hints, so your pure knowledge will have to see you through for this one. Some are pretty obvious here, so we’re expecting respectable scores, but only a fully-fledged City expert who keeps close tabs on all their old flames will get anything close to approaching full marks.

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Good luck, and don’t forget to tweet us your scores at @planetfutebol.

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