Can you name the clubs these 20 former Juventus stars are playing for in 2024?

Having won consecutive nine Serie A Scudetti from 2011 to 2010, Juventus boast more great former stars than most of Europe’s elite clubs. But how well have you kept up with the fortunes of their exes?

We’ve compiled 20 former Juventus players in a bumper quiz. Your task? Tell us which club they’re currently playing for in 2024.

Some of these are pretty easy. Some are still playing at top clubs across Europe. But others are currently seeing out their careers in more obscure corners of the footballing world.

If you think you know where a particular player is, type your answer in the box.

You don’t actually have to match each player to each club, so you might be wrong about one player but get the right club for another.

Another strategy would be to guess clubs across world football where you can imagine that some of these former Juve men have ended up – and you never know, there’s every chance you’ll get lucky.

You’ve got 15 minutes, and you’ll have to make do with pure knowledge, or solid guesswork, because there are no clues for this one.

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