Can you name every club to win the MLS Cup?

The MLS Cup final is the closest thing that soccer in the United States and Canada has to the Super Bowl – the culmination of the Major League Soccer season and play-offs. Can you name every MLS club that’s got their hands on the trophy?

Landon Donovan, pictured above, lifted the MLS Cup six times – which is more often than any other player in history. The legendary American forward first won it in 2001 and won it for a sixth and final time in 2014. But do you know which clubs he won it with?

Fifteen different clubs have won the competition across the 28 finals that have been played since the inaugural MLS Cup in 1996. There are a few repeat winners that will take you a long way. The year in which they won it is the only clue you’re getting, and you’ve got 15 minutes to get them all.

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