Steve Cooper Manager of Nottingham Forest watches on during the Premier League match Nottingham Forest vs Chelsea at City Ground, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 1st January 2023

Can you name all 29 of Nottingham Forest’s signings in 2022-23?

Nottingham Forest broke a Premier League record in the summer of 2022 by signing 21 players in a single transfer window. They’ve since added no less than eight further additions.

We want you to name all 29 players that Forest have signed this season.

“There will always be a turnaround with some players coming and going, but there will never be as many as this summer,” said Forest boss Steve Cooper after the summer window closed.

“It’s nice to know that most of the players you’ve got in are your own.

“You’re investing in them. I don’t just mean financially investing, but also football programme investing, in something that you can grow over a period of time.

“That’s important to me, especially as there’s quite a lot of players in there who have still got a lot of time ahead of them.

“They are still shaping their careers and their profile of player.

“It’s been a fairly unique summer, in terms of the turnaround. It was always going to be a unique challenge with the numbers, then added to getting promotion and a different level of player that you have to look at. We’ve embraced that.”

This is quite the challenge. We’d be seriously impressed if you can get top marks. We’d be surprised if even Cooper himself could remember every name on this quiz.

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