Both players boast exceptional records

Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo’s Euro record with Lionel Messi’s record at Copa America

How does Cristiano Ronaldo’s record at the Euros compare to Lionel Messi’s record in Copa America? We’ve taken a closer look at the stats.

There can be little debate that both players rank among the greatest of all time and they will each have the chance to win some international silverware this summer.

Messi will attempt to win consecutive Copa America tournaments with Argentina and Ronaldo is looking to win his second European Championship with Portugal.

When stacking their two records in the competitions up against one another, there’s not that much that separates the two stars. Ronaldo slightly has the edge when it comes to goals, but then Messi is the superior player when it comes to assists.

While both players are now in the twilight of their careers, they will each have integral roles to play for their nations this summer.

Portugal boss Roberto Martinez certainly thinks that Ronaldo’s experience will come in handy throughout the upcoming tournament.

“Cristiano had very consistent performances at his club. There is no doubt that he is an incredible scorer,” Martinez told reporters.

“He is in his sixth European Championship, and he is the only player who has played in five European Championships. So, we are talking about achieving a unique feat in the world of soccer and his experience is important for us.

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“We have 23 players. We create competitiveness and the game makes decisions. But Cristiano is prepared to help the team and give everything he can give. And there is no other player in the world of soccer who can bring what Cristiano can to the dressing room.”

Likewise, Argentina will be looking towards Messi to guide them through Copa America in the United States this year.

The Inter Miami star is only five goals away from becoming the outright top scorer in Copa America history and given the rate he’s currently scoring, we wouldn’t put it past him from breaking that record.

We’ve taken a closer look at both Ronaldo and Messi and have compared their respective records in the Euros and Copa America up against one another.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s European Championship record

Games: 25
Goals: 14
Assists: 6

Penalties: 3
Free-kicks: 0

Minutes per goal: 153.7
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 195.8
Minutes per goal or assist: 107.7

Lionel Messi’s Copa America record

Games: 34
Goals: 13
Assists: 17

Penalties: 3
Free-kicks: 4

Minutes per goal: 223.5
Minutes per non-penalty goal: 290.6
Minutes per goal or assist: 96.9