Marc Guiu (38) of FC barcelona scores his team's first goal and celebrates during the match between FC Barcelona and Athletic Club

Watch out, Lewandowski: La Masia has created a monster ready to rewrite the script at Barcelona

For most of us mortal folk, the closest we get to realising our wildest dream as a professional is replaying the fantasy of scoring that debut goal in our heads at the office, in bed, in the shower, or even on the astroturf on a midweek night.

The pipe dream remains a pipe dream, and for good reason. It takes another level of immortality to break through at the biggest clubs in the world, against all odds, and get off to that perfect start.

But while most of us have to swallow that pill and accept the fact that the magic football scout isn’t going to catch us kicking around a can in the car park and offer us a five-year deal, for a lucky few, the dream becomes reality.

Marc Guiu has already achieved what for the first 17 years of his life has always felt like nothing more than a fantasy – and the scary part is, he has the tools to go even further.

Born in the Catalan town of Granollers, the tricky forward grew up dreaming of his debut moment, bagging with his first touch of the ball in La Liga donning La Blaugrana.

That moment immediately saw him become Barcelona’s fifth youngest scorer of all-time, joining a list including the likes of Ansu Fati and Lamine Yamal.

It won’t define him, though. We’re pretty sure of it.

Because if you look beyond the goal that saw him steal the show like D-X on a late 90s episode of WWE Raw, you’ll see that he’s got the fireworks and the charisma to match.

Breaking the mould of the archetypal La Masia prodigy is exactly what makes Guiu so exciting. A rule breaker from the first instance, he’s got all the technical ability that a Barcelona academy product needs to thrive, but couples it up with a frightening range of finishing.

We’ve waxed lyrical enough around these parts about Yamal and his unrelenting creativity, but Guiu is proof that we’ll only see his true level when he’s playing off a profile as unique as the emerging 17-year-old’s.

Possessing the height and hold-up play of a Barclays battering ram of yesteryear, the Spanish teenager simply shouldn’t be able to wriggle his way out of corridors and leave defenders in a heap like he does.

Couple that up with an eye for goal that feels like an aimbot in a Call of Duty game and the ability to sniff out xG in and around the 18-yard box, and it all starts to feel a bit unfair.

How did we all end up with two left feet and dodgy joints? What did we do in a previous life?

“I told him he would have one good chance,” Said manager Xavi after Barcelona’s win against Athletic Club: “I love seeing the face of these kids. They have no fear.”

No fear is an understatement. Guiu came, saw and conquered like a veteran. His lightning-fast start is a moment that will never be taken away, but the hard work begins now.

Guiu’s next objective isn’t just to learn from the brilliance of Robert Lewandowski ahead of him, but to dethrone him and carve out a legacy down the middle for his boyhood club, alongside the likes of Yamal and others.

By Mitch Wilks

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