Plymouth Argyle reveal their 2023-24 home shirt as they prepare for their first Championship season in 13 years.

Can you marry a kit? Because the new Plymouth home shirt has rocked our world

You’re probably wondering how you ended up here if you’re not a Plymouth fan, reading an article based around Argyle on the eve of the new Football League season. We didn’t expect to be here either, but then they released their new home kit.

In the modern era of football, kit release season is an entirely different beast on its own. Clubs and manufacturers simply can’t help themselves from capitalising on money to be made, and just have to throw a bunch of gorgeous new shirts at us every summer.

Honestly, it’s becoming a problem, because we found ourselves sitting at the desk or behind the phone going ‘oh yeah, that’s a belter’ several times a day, every day. The bank account can’t take it.

For those enthusiasts who border on grappling with a football kit addiction, this is where we advise you to probably look away, or proceed with serious caution.

Because out of seemingly nowhere, Plymouth are set to kick off their Championship return this week and will do so while rocking our worlds with what is quietly one of the tastiest home shirts we’ll see this season.

There’s too much room for experimentation these days, with manufacturers taking liberties all too often and clubs allowing it. Not PUMA and Plymouth, though. Nah. Played it safe and produced a worldie. We’re talking all-timer levels of good.

Don’t believe us? Feast your eyes. We might all be Plymouth Argyle fans now.

The state of it. Kits don’t come much better. In fact, perhaps we should pass a law to just make every kit dark green and gold. Life would be much better.

Gone are the days of League One football and being sponsored by Ginster’s pasties. Onto new heights. Scary new heights.

Pair that up with a pair of cropped trousers and some Dr. Martens and you’ll be the main attraction of every fashion influencer’s Instagram explore page for the next month.

Not your bag? No worries. Cop it anyway, wear it at the astro and we guarantee your performance will be a 7/10 minimum. Even if you play at a 5/10, the kit knocks your rating up by two, simply for the fact that you’ll stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Gold on football kits is a big, big risk. Just ask Arsenal. They’ll desperately claim it has nothing to do with almost winning the Premier League, but nobody will believe them. Suddenly, they look very silly.

Not down in Plymouth, though. They’re championing they’re much-anticipated return to the second tier with a kit that will send shivers down the spine of every hipster in a retro Milan shirt at Powerleague.

They’re about to be out-hipstered by The Pligrims. What a time to be alive.

It’s quite dangerous, when you think about it. Who let Plymouth get away with producing one of the best kits in European football this season? Scary hours is an understatement.

But, with great power comes great responsibility. Plymouth take to the field in a strip that is officially too good to be relegated in.

Kits are only remembered by the seasons they were worn in, meaning this absolute beauty will easily become forgettable if not honoured in the form of a splendid campaign that sees them punch above their weight.

Don’t just do it for your fans, Plymouth. Do it for an entire community of kit enthusiasts representing you in the cages on midweek nights.

By Mitchell WIlks

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