Davinson Sanchez in action at Old Trafford (credit: @GalatasaraySK Twitter)

All hail the Turkish Super Lig – Davinson Sanchez has just redefined chaos against Man Utd

Mitchell Wilks β€’

What is so beautiful about the Premier League isn’t the endless entertainment factor or the glut of bonafide superstars flocking to the division – it’s the ability to produce players who you know are absolutely destined for the Turkish Super Lig from their first kick of a ball.

Davinson Sanchez is one of the poster boys for that theory and finally made the inevitable switch to Turkey this summer when he swapped Tottenham for Galatasaray.

From the moment he stepped foot in Istanbul, a breath of fresh air was released into the world. Nature was healing. Balance had almost been restored in the force.

‘Almost’ being the key word, because that balance couldn’t have been achieved without an inevitable headline-grabbing performance in European competition up against English opposition.

We are delighted to inform you that Sanchez has fulfilled this prophecy to restore the balance, line up the infinity stones and complete the arc of forgotten Premier League flop in Turkey, by reminding English fans of exactly what they’re missing.

Often that performance comes in a more positive manner – a winning goal in a shock win, a Maldini-esque defensive display to shut out an expensive striker – but not in the case of Sanchez. No. This performance can only be described as the full house in Davinson Sanchez bingo.

What’s on the bingo card, we hear you ask?

Well, away to Manchester United, that bingo card included an assist for former United player – and now Galatasaray teammate – Wilfried Zaha, a terrible error leading to goal on the halfway line, and a second assist in the form of a header from well inside his own half; the latter being the piece de resistance.

It was as batsh*t crazy yet equally marvellous as it sounds.

On a night where Manchester United couldn’t have been more calamitous if they tried, Sanchez still somehow managed to steal the show in the most textbook Sanchez fashion possible.

The first assist for Zaha showed a strong understanding of the game and his surroundings. That understanding completely went down the drain when he turned himself into oblivion and fell to the floor in a heap to allow Rasmus Hojlund the space to run in behind for his brace.

But that wasn’t enough for the former Spurs man. After an already erratic game had gone up another octane when Mauro Icardi smashed wide a complete gift of a penalty, he was given the chance to atone for his error by another bit of elite playmaking from Sanchez.

That’s a header we’ll talk about for years to come. Tear-invoking stuff. Reads the play, sees his striker is being played on, soars through the air and smashes his once through the ball to produce the perfect line-splitter.

It’s ridiculously impressive all-round. Almost Jason Tindall-esque show-stealing.

To put Sanchez’s exploits into context, the Colombian centre-back has become the first visiting player to notch two Champions League assists at Old Trafford since Angel Di Maria all the way back in 2019.

That’s not the only mind-blowing stat to come from his heroic display, though.

Thanks to Sanchez, Galatasaray now have their first win on English soil, having previously not won a game in the country in their 117-year existence. Absolutely nuts.

One normal day of Champions League is all we ask. Will never happen.

By Mitch Wilks

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