Dominik Szoboszlai of Hungary runs with the ball during the International Friendly match between Hungary and Czech Republic at Puskas Arena on September 10, 2023 in Budapest, Hungary.

Dominik Szoboszlai split the atom with this jaw-dropping 75-yard NFL pass

Dominik Szoboszlai has already made a big impact at Liverpool, winning over the Kop with his fearless running and shots that confirm the midfielder does have a foot like a traction engine.

Signed from RB Leipzig for £60million, Szoboszlai was the most expensive component of Liverpool’s midfield rebuild but already feels indispensable.

“He has the speed to pass players, he has the technique, the finishing skills we didn’t even see them yet properly but his shooting is really special,” Jurgen Klopp said over the summer.

“We put him slightly deeper, involve him more in the game, he enjoys that a lot and he is doing well, really well.”

The 22-year-old is already a hero in his homeland, captaining the best Hungary side since at least the 1980s. Thursday’s win in Belgrade all but confirms they’ll appear at their third consecutive European Championship next summer.

With the rest of their group rivals playing catch up, Hungary enjoyed a late-summer meandering goalless draw against the Czech Republic in Budapest on Sunday.

While the crowd at the imposing Puskas Arena will have hoped for more entertainment, thrills & spills, Szoboszlai provided the game’s only moment of true quality from deep inside his own penalty area.

After receiving the ball from his own goalkeeper, and assessing his options like a teenager scanning the University league tables, the Liverpool midfielder swept an astonishing 75-yard pass directly into his team-mates’ path.

Seriously, jumbo jets move at slower speeds and with less accuracy than Szoboszlai managed.

“I like to win, I like to do everything for the team,” Szoboszlai said in an interview with The Guardian last month.

“If they ask me if I want to win the Premier League, of course I want to win it. If I want to win the Europa League and the FA Cup, the same. Everything we can do this year. I want to win everything because nobody is going to ask you how it feels to be second.

“I always think that way. Even if this is hard and there are very good teams in the Premier League, but we are also very good, we have a very good coach and players. We are going to do our best and at the end I want to be first.”

The midfielder’s move to Liverpool has caused a stir in his native Hungary, with the national captain becoming only the third Hungarian to play for the club – and the incentive of making his country proud serves as another layer of motivation.

“The people were really nice, they were happy for me,” he said of the reaction to his Premier League switch at home. “I received a lot of messages from the national team as well, the coach.

“The people who are important for me – who are close to me and they know me – I had a chat with them and they were really nice.

“And of course the people in Hungary, it’s not an everyday story what I’m doing right now so hopefully I could make them happy – and even more later.”

After impressing in his opening four Premier League matches, the Hungarian is already well on the way to heroes’ status at Anfield but seems the feet-on-the-ground type of bloke that places his own personal success in a wider context.

“I just do my things,” Szoboszlai told the club’s website before the beginning of the season. “If the goals are coming they are coming, if the assists are coming they are coming.

“This is my target: the team should be successful. If the team is successful you’re going to be successful as a person, as a player.”

On this evidence, the Reds are set for an insanely successful season – and the restaurants of Liverpool will be hurriedly adding goulash to their menus in honour of their new midfield maestro.

By Michael Lee

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