Endrick in action. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 29th Nov, 2023. SP - SAO PAULO - 11/29/2023 - BRAZILIAN A 2023, PALMEIRAS

Get Endrick on a plane to Madrid ASAP – he’s already morphed into a golazo-obsessed Galactico

If somebody could tell Endrick that he’s already pre-agreed a move to Real Madrid and he’s probably set for life so that he stops making us all look even more talentless, that would be brilliant. Thanks.

Seriously, what are they feeding this lad down in Brazil and where can we get it in bulk quantities?

The teenager looked destined for stardom from the minute he pulled on the Palmeiras shirt for the first time and has only snowballed in the time since.

At just 17 and without having even touched down in Europe yet, he’s already one of football’s biggest stars, through pure ability and potential alone. That tells you all you need to know about just how good Endrick can be.

If we’re being honest, the ceiling doesn’t exist with him. Put one in his way and he’ll smash it – most likely with that turbocharged shot power of his.

Breaking into senior football before he was even old enough to drive a car, Real Madrid were immediately keen to write the next chapter in his story and snapped up Endrick before anybody else could get to him, agreeing to pay €60million for his services upon him turning 18 and joining in the summer of 2024.

When that deal was first agreed in 2022, Los Blancos looked like a club that had finally lost their marbles. Despite his obvious potential, that was insane money to be throwing around to sign an actual child.

A year or so on, though, and they once again look like the smartest footballing institution on the planet.

Endrick hasn’t even touched down in Madrid airport yet, but the moment he does, every penny they’ve paid to sign him will prove worth it.

In what will be his final season for Palmeiras, he’s already unlocked frightening new levels to his game. Knowing his throne awaits in the Spanish capital, Endrick has made it his mission to fire his Brazilian side to the best finish possible before departing.

10 goals in 29 Brasileirao Serie A appearances this season is testament to that, as is his goal catalogue, which continues to become more absurd.

Seriously, it’s like watching someone play FIFA with the sliders all the way up with this kid.

The speed with which he’s outgrown the league around him – at just 17 – is genuinely mesmerising. In 2023, Endrick has continued to ascend at a rate that would produce a fatal nosebleed for any mere mortal.

Between the absurd shot power, the awareness to peel off and pick up the pieces of the free-kick, and that short socks look that he sports, the kid’s aura is unmatched.

We’ve not seen this sort of rise to stardom since Neymar. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of him, Endrick has now become the first player aged 17 to score 10 goals in the Brasileirão since Neymar in 2009.

He’s a superstar and it’s not even just wonder goals at this point. He’s simply taking the p*ss out of everyone in the league and it’s a joy to watch.

Oh, come on. That is filthy. He’s just showing off now and we bloody love it.

That’s not even the Joga Bonito rearing its head. That’s a level of pure confidence that very few can unlock.

It’s a good thing the Brasileirao isn’t far off completion for the 2023 season, because he’s already playing with his slippers on and still running rings around his opponents.

At this point, it’s becoming more and more obvious that he’s already primed and ready to move over to Real.

There’s no need to rush, and letting Endrick shoulder pass his way into the sunset in Brazil is undoubtedly the most sensible play. But there’s a small part of us that wants Los Blancos to sign the deal in January and unleash him on the Champions League knockout stages.

Just imagine those cameo appearances. Consider it a pre-season before the main event in 2024-25.

Endrick has become aware of his surroundings. He knows he’s morphing into a Galactico before our own eyes and he’s embracing it with open arms.

By Mitch Wilks

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