All hail Harry Maguire’s renaissance – so good he’s finally won over the Ghanaian parliament

Seeing Harry Maguire’s name make a headline amid the chaos of the 2022 World Cup was enough to make you wince on pure instinct, knowing he was about to get slammed for something probably entirely out of his hands.

A downturn in form seemed to prompt a strange agenda against the English defender who simply couldn’t catch a break and unfortunately couldn’t play himself out of the hump, no matter how hard he tried.

Suddenly, everything was his fault.

Manchester United lose? Blame Maguire. England underwhelm as ever? Blame Maguire. Boiler’s gone in your house? Blame Maguire. Car fails its MOT? You get it – blame Maguire.

Unfortunately, that smear campaign existed predominantly online and spread worldwide as a result. The defender was the subject of daily taunting and trolling from just about every angle.

One angle nobody expected, though, was the Ghanaian parliament ripping into him. That actually happened and is exactly as crazy as it sounds.

A clip of MP Isaac Adongo went viral after he ridiculed Maguire to fuel a point about how the country was sabotaging itself due to vice-president Mahamudu Bawumia’s economic policies.

“Harry Maguire. He is a defender. He is a tackler and throwing his body everywhere like he was the best defender in the world,” He began.

“Manchester United went and bought him. He became the biggest trend at the centre of Manchester United’s defence and began to give assists to opponents.”

“In this country we have an economic Maguire. The same economic Maguire was giving lectures at university on how to restore the value of the city.”

He finished by saying: “Our economic Maguire is taking control of the fundamentals of our economy and destroying all of them.”

Astoundingly, almost a year on from that moment that still doesn’t feel real, Adongo and Ghanaian parliament have leaned on Maguire again – but in a much nicer fashion.

Recognising Maguire’s commendable upturn in form so far in 2023-24, coming back in from the cold to be one of Erik ten Hag’s most prized assets, Adongo offered an apology to the Englishman.

“Last year, if you remember, I was very quick to compare my big brother Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia [to] Harry Maguire,” Adongro explained.

He added: “Mr Speaker, I now apologise to Harry Maguire.”

Yes, this is an actual conversation that occurred in Ghanaian parliament.

“Today, Maguire has turned the corner and is a transformational footballer,” He remarked, before going on to call him a ‘key player’ for United.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t so kind about Bawumia, who faced yet more criticism from Adongro in the wake of Ghana’s most severe economic crisis in years.

To think that coincides with the form of a footballer in Britain is absurd and a testament to the completely unnecessary ridicule Maguire has faced.

But if you don’t laugh, you cry. And it’s pretty impossible not to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of this year-long saga tying the United defender to Ghanaian politics.

One of the strangest apologies Maguire will probably ever receive, but a sincere one if nothing else.

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