Jude Bellingham (5) controls the ball during a Soccer Champions Tour exhibition match against AC Milan, Sunday, July 23, 2023, in Pasadena, Calif.

We’re delighted to inform you that Jude Bellingham is already cooking for Real Madrid

Following his iconic  – and rather expensive – move from Borussia Dortmund to Real Madrid, Jude Bellingham finally has his first minutes as a Madridista under his belt, and they didn’t disappoint.

The midfielder became the first Englishman since David Beckham to pull on the endlessly iconic jersey, making his unofficial debut for the club in a friendly against AC Milan and immediately looking at home.

Friendly or not, to slot in so seamlessly at Real is one thing. To do it while flying the flag for Brits abroad and also donning the iconic number five jersey worn by Zinedine Zidane is an entirely different beast.

It’s incredibly freakish, then, to see Bellingham look almost entirely unshaken in the highlights of his 63-minute cameo. Seriously. What a freak. You’re 20 years old, Jude. Stop being so talented.

Flicks around the corner, laser-guided passes through the lines, bursts of energy from box to box, it was an honest performance and one that showcased everything the Englan international is about when at full stride.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Bellingham didn’t exactly find world peace in his hour’s runout against Milan, but the signs were already very promising. It’s watching those highlights and thinking how good he could be by the time those Champions League nights roll around which is truly frightening.

If this set of clips is the start of the measuring stick for progress, then we’re in for a hell of a ride, because he fits into that side like a glove.

Just oozes confidence, doesn’t he? It’s sickening, really.

Turns up, slaps his boots on, pulls on a Real Madrid kit and just starts getting between the lines, playing exclusively on the half turn and parading the ball around the field like some sort of Greek God in ascent.

If you somehow hadn’t watched Bellingham before, his hour against Milan was a very solid indication of everything he excels at; knitting play together from box to box, linking up in tight areas and bursting forward when needed. He’ll likely be disappointed that he didn’t cap it off with a goal, saying it all about his character, but the early signs are overwhelmingly positive.

Every movement oozed Galactico. Especially that early clip of him taking the ball side on, bringing it into a crowded wide area and seamlessly chopping himself between three white shirts in order to find space once again. Luka Modric-esque.

Context is everything, too. Game one of pre-season, game one of god knows how many for Real Madrid. Bellingham can only get better. Much better. Playing in a full-strength side at peak fitness alongside some of the greatest midfielders the game has ever witnessed.

Scary hours.

Watching him parade around the field for the first time was jaw-dropping. There’s just something so very Real Madrid about the way he struts his stuff. Perhaps it’s the confidence, perhaps its his throwback style of play, perhaps it’s merely the fact that they’ve got the number five shirt on a highly-esteemed midfield maestro once again.

Whatever it is, it just feels right. Bellingham breaking the status quo, remaining abroad and bringing that energetic, box to box style to Spain is a win for football. A season with him under Carlo Ancelotti – one of the last in a dying breed of manager – can only yield serious rewards.

We can’t wait to see how far he’s come when watching this back at the end of the season.

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