Florent Da Silva's penalty is saved by Daniel Antosch (Credit: @footballontnt Twitter)

We’ve just witnessed a player miss the same penalty three times over & our minds are blown

The impending dread of missing a penalty is enough to put someone in hospital with heart palpitations at any level of football. Or at least we thought, until we saw one man miss the same, retaken spot-kick three times in a row.

Never mind heart palpitations – there’s a very good chance the player in the clip you’re about to witness ended up in A&E with a bloody nose after his teammates were done with him for his antics. Complete and utter headloss fodder.

We’ve found potentially the most hilarious yet equally infuriating two minutes and 20 seconds of penalty footage to ever exist, and it’s come from the hidden gem that is the UEFA Youth League – a competition we all ought to pay more attention to after this golden nugget.

Anyone who’s played football at any level and had to face the dreaded task of stepping up to the spot will know about the sheer anxiety that takes over your body when squaring up for a penalty. Head down, pick your corner, hit it low and hard, don’t change your mind.

Sounds great, until it’s saved. Oh well, try again next time. Until the referee has ordered a retake. Sh*t. Now what? The tactic didn’t work the first time, now the keeper knows how you’re thinking and can either repeat the feat or call your bluff. Nightmare.

At that point, you simply step away. Be the hero. Or at least in our eyes that’s the heroic thing to do, anyway. Probably why we’re sat here writing instead and our football careers are limited to a one-hour cameo on a Wednesday night.

Footage has surfaced of the UEFA Youth League clash between Red Bull Salzburg under-19 and Lyon under-19 in 2020, where Florent da Silva steps up to take the penalty for the young French side.

What should’ve been a straightforward scenario with one player emerging as the hero descends into complete chaos, making us incredibly relieved that we were never good enough to get near this level.

One normal day of UEFA Youth League. That’s all we ask. Will never happen.

Goalkeeper Daniel Antosch bats away the first effort, but is immediately pulled up by the referee for leaving his line. Nightmare. What a grass. Ah well, was fun while it lasted.

If there was little to no expectation of him saving the penalty first time around, there’s certainly none now. The taker simply has to score – but doesn’t.

Same penalty, same outcome. And again, the referee pulls up Antosch for leaving his line. A rare instance where being a spoilsport has created one of the most entertaining sequences of events in football.

After some fuss and some crowding around the official, with the goalkeeper being booked for his antics, Da Silva steps up for a third time, having already spooned two into the exact same spot for the goalkeeper to save with ease. Surely you’d just pass it onto a colleague, but no. Apparently not.

Ah well, he can’t miss again now, can he? Just smash it down the middle. Or wait for the keeper to move. Nothing silly. Had your fun, now get it put away.

Da Silva misses for the third time. And this time, the save counts. That poor boy.

Probably hasn’t taken a penalty since.

By Mitch Wilks

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