Miguel Angel Ortiz Arias shows a red card to Sergio Ramos of Sevilla FC during the LaLiga EA Sports match between Real Sociedad and Sevilla FC at Reale Arena on November 26, 2023, in San Sebastian, Spain.

Only Sergio Ramos could be sent off twice in two minutes – & leave commentators in hysterics

Sergio Ramos has always loved a red card, almost as much as he loves a clutch goal or a last-ditch tackle to win a trophy. But he’s recently taken his love of red cards way too far and needs to be stopped.

At any level of the beautiful game, it takes a lot for the referee to dip into their pocket and brandish the infamous red card.

Even with the introduction of VAR and questionable decisions running wild, there is a reluctance to send a player off if not totally necessary.

But there’s only so much one can do to avoid reaching for red, especially if someone puts their own foot in it with an accumulation of niggling little fouls, talks their way into trouble or lines up an absolute piledriver of a tackle – and misses it.

Ramos is the master of the early bath, having received a masterful 29 red cards throughout his career. To put that into context, that’s more career red cards than major honours with his time at Real Madrid.

That’s some going.

It was the 37-year-old’s most recent dismissal, however, that might be up there with some of his greatest, most chaotic work.

As Sevilla lost 1-0 to Real Sociedad, Ramos was shown not one, but two red cards in a matter of minutes. Seriously. Two red cards in one game.

A feat only he could manage, it’s an even more absurd sequence of events than it sounds – because it was the veteran who dropped himself in it with the referee and prompted the bizarre incident.

After putting in a challenge that reeked of ‘sod this, I’m too old to chase that’ commonly seen on a Sunday morning from hungover Steve at full-back, Ramos was outraged to see the referee reaching for a second yellow card to send him off.

We’ve no idea why, considering the artwork that was his half-arsed leg swing that got nowhere near the ball, but who are we to judge such an experienced defender?

Well, in answer to that query, we have never talked ourselves into having a second yellow card offence upgraded to a straight red. Ramos now has.

Even the commentator can’t refrain from breaking down into laughter as the Sevilla defender makes his own bed. Only he could manage such a feat.

Ramos avoids the pitfall of immediately wagging the finger to deny any wrongdoing – but admitting guilt in doing so – like any veteran would. Thinking he’s gotten away with it, he strolls off and play goes on.

Then the referee pulls the game back and, after a think, confirms the inevitable by awarding the Spaniard his second yellow. Incensed, Ramos appeals and urges the referee to check the screen.

Interesting approach, but fair enough. We all saw the challenge, Sergio, and it’s a minimum £35 fine on a Sunday morning without doubt.

But, to his credit, referee Ortiz Arias heads to the screen to check his decision – and subsequently upgrades it to a straight red card offence the minute he sees Ramos’ studs plunged into Brais Mendez’s shin.

Absolute chaos. One man, one game, two red cards.

His final act before leaving the field is stalking the referee in disbelief with a face fit for pantomime, completely stunned as the commentators can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

The most Sergio Ramos incident one could ever imagine. It’s so good that we reckon ‘doing a Ramos’ might actually stick in rare instances where other players find themselves putting their foot in it like he did.

By Mitch Wilks

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