Vinicius Junior and Luka Modric in Real Madrid training (credit: u/WhydYouTrustMe Reddit)

F*ck your rondos, Barca – Vini Jr’s disgusting skill has just sent Modric into retirement

Luka Modric has spent the last few years cementing his legacy as one of the greatest midfielders football has had the pleasure of watching and is still Real Madrid’s lynchpin at the age of 38 – but Vinicius Junior is doing his best to make him appear human after all.

Modric has long been considered one of the best players in the game in recent times and his 2018 Ballon d’Or, as random as it felt at the time, was a reflection of that opinion. In the last few years, however, he seems to have just gotten better and better.

Ageing like fine wine is a cliche, but Modric appears to be doing exactly that.

Forming one-third of the historic Modric-Kroos-Casemiro trio that dominated the Champions League, he’s still going at the top of his game and single-handedly taking apart some of the most talented and expensive midfield configurations in Europe’s premier competition.

From the eye test alone, it’s very easy to draw the conclusion that he’s simply an alien. No 38-year-old should play football – or even more – like he does.

Enter Vinicius Junior who – after years of Modric running the show for Los Blancos – appears determined to steal his spotlight and take Modric out in training, by making him look a fool.

Making Modric look a fool? Yeah, good luck. We thought that too. Then we saw the clip of Real’s training session, and the Brazilian winger absolutely pulling the strings like it was a video game.

While over at Barcelona they’re too busy doing soulless rondos and passing drills until they’re blue in the face, at Valdebebas, Vini is reeling off skills like a kid who’s just been shown the analogue stick for the first time while playing FIFA.

To make someone like Modric appear brainless, who in recent times has made a habit out of making players look like chumps when closing him down, takes some doing. That’s why Vini Jr deserves his flowers for causing chaos in the Real training group.

Best part is, Modric knows he’s been sent around the world for a hot dog because of his reaction afterwards.

Modric kicks the ball at Vinicius after getting dribbled during training.
byu/WhydYouTrustMe insoccer

Absolutely ridiculous bit of skill from Vini. Ankle-breaker is an understatement. The kid’s a joke.

Notice how Jude Bellingham, pressing alongside Modric, tactically refrains from making a challenge. He’s seen it coming from a mile off and spared himself the embarrassment. Quick learner.

The same couldn’t be said for poor Luka, though, who dives in with all the confidence of an old man who’s convinced he can still humble his son when it comes to sports.

Except he can’t. And he’s fuming about it. All the boys laughing at him, the heat in the kitchen is high. Modric knows he’s been done and hits back when he smells an opportunity to do so.

After winning the game, Vini plays a pass into his colleague, but the naivety of youth kicks in. Modric absolutely leathers the ball back his way in an attempt to get back at the youngster.

Knows he’s on the back foot, though. Rodrygo can’t help but burst into laughter, nor can Vinicius who started the ordeal in the first place. Like a pair of naughty schoolkids who’ve spent an entire afternoon winding up the teacher and are on the verge of being sent out.

Even Bellingham can’t help but chuckle. Modric has been stitched up, but he’ll come round. Probably needed the humbling. At least we know the vibes are immaculate in Carlo Ancelotti’s training sessions.

When you’re Real Madrid and you’ve got a 38-year-old Modric at the base of your midfield, you can afford to have all the fun in the world.

By Mitch Wilks

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