Walker & Trent are still trying to work out how De Bruyne spotted this pass


Imagine being a genius.  Imagine being able to execute actions beyond the conception of billions. Imagine being feted as the best in the world at what you do. Imagine being made a millionaire on the basis of your extremely well co-ordinated feet.

Kevin de Bruyne doesn’t have to. After being rejected by Chelsea, the Belgian midfielder has long since developed into the finest central midfielder in world football. Capable of unlocking the tightest defences with a swish of either foot, the Manchester City man regularly produces bits of skill that elicit the dropping of countless sets of jaws.

De Bruyne was at it again on Sunday. Belgium may have lost to England at Wembley, despite seeming in total control of the game, but their star man still produced one moment that demonstrated he was the classiest player on the pitch.

With the game deep into the second half and Belgium trailing, De Bruyne received the ball wide on the left-hand touchline with around five England defenders in the near vicinity. Most players would have opened their body and whipped in a left-footed cross into the penalty area.

Not De Bruyne. With one flick of the outside of his right foot, he guided the ball between Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kyle Walker into the path of Yannick Carrasco. Even though the shot went wide, the pass that came before it was so dismissive in its casualness it deserved a goal. It was the match’s one true moment of quality.

With growing question marks over Manchester City’s ability to challenge at the very top and the passage of time creeping up on Belgium’s golden generation, it would appear as if more moments of De Bruyne genius will be needed for club and country to obtain success.

Luckily, these snippets of inspiration show no sign of abating.

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