Watch: Gary Neville slaughtered over Qatar World Cup role on HIGNFY

Former Manchester United and England defender Gary Neville came under fire regarding his involvement at the upcoming World Cup while stepping out of his comfort zone to present the BBC television programme ‘Have I Got News for You’.

In an installment broadcast yesterday evening, Neville endured an incredibly awkward moment at the hands of regular panelist Ian Hislop, who held him to account by seemingly referencing his collaboration with beIN Sports for Qatar 2022.

The Sky Sports pundit has come under fire in recent weeks for his decision to work as a pundit for the state-owned broadcaster given the widespread criticism that has been lodged against Qatar’s human rights records.

And Neville certainly hinted that things might have gotten awkward by tweeting ahead of the show’s release: “Must watch if you want to watch someone well out of their comfort zone, sweating, dry mouth and getting caught with a few punches on the face on Qatar off Ian Hislop.”

But it was fellow regular panelist Paul Merton who first sparked the discussion when he asked Neville: “You know David Beckham, don’t you? He’s going, isn’t he? How much is he being paid?”

Neville replied: “I don’t know. More than me!”, before attempting to divert the conversation by asking Hislop if “it’s coming home?”

However, Hislop was far from interested in assessing England’s hopes of winning, firing back in typically cutting fashion: “What, your reputation?”

Hislop, who is the editor of Private Eye by day, then went straight for the jugular by saying: “The elephant in the room is you’re commentating there. What’s the defence?

“Yeah, I’m commentating,” Neville replied. “Well, you’ve got a choice, haven’t you? My view always has been that you either highlight the issues and challenges in these countries and speak about them, or you basically don’t say anything and stay back home and don’t go.

“And I think we should challenge them.”

“There’s another option: you stay at home and highlight the abuses,” was Hislop’s stinging reply. “You don’t have to go and take the Qatari’s money. I’m not trying to be tiresome, but it’s not a very good defence.”


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