Jamie Carragher working for Sky Sports during Wolves against Leeds in the Premier League, Molineaux Stadium, March 2022

Watch: Richarlison sparks Liverpool-Everton melee as Carragher fumes

The first half of what could be one of the most important Merseyside derbies in Premier League history for both sides ended goalless, as Everton shut Liverpool out with 45 minutes of glorious sh*thousery.

Everton travelled to Anfield in the relegation zone following Burnley’s victory against Wolves, whilst Liverpool started the day four points behind Manchester City at the top of the league.

Frank Lampard’s side are winless on the road since August, but they shut out Liverpool’s deadly attack well in the first half, whilst also winding up their rivals with plenty of time-wasting and ill-spirited shenanigans.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, commentating on the game for Sky Sports, could not hide his Liverpool bias during the first half, and expressed his disgust at Everton and Brazil striker Richarlison.

The 24-year-old went down claiming an injury after a tackle from Thiago, and rolled around on the ground despite no foul being given.

“Honestly, get up! Every week he’s like that,” Carragher fumed, whilst tensions flared on the pitch.

Both sets of players argued, and Everton midfielder Abdoulaye Doucoure received a yellow card for a foul amidst the chaos.

Richarlison was fine to continue, much to the annoyance of the Liverpool fans in attendance, who were unhappy about the striker’s actions.

The Brazilian scored a last gasp equaliser against Leicester City in Everton’s previous match, rescuing what could be a vital point as they try and avoid relegation, and manager Lampard praised his style.

“I think with Richy, if you look at the modern-day number nine, it’s different to the number nine we maybe would have associated with years ago,” Lampard stated ahead of the trip to Anfield.

“Dominic [Calvert-Lewin] maybe more that [old-fashioned] type, but Richarlsion I think can play the nine because you look at most of the top teams in Premier League, they don’t play with an out and out nine, Liverpool included.

“So I think Richarlison can do that role for us. He also can work off the left, we’ve seen that, and I think he’s comfortable playing as an inside left as much as an out and out wide man.

“It’s a real benefit to have players across the front line that can be versatile and pop up in different areas and change in-game or going into games.”

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