Watch: Roy Keane brutally labels Man Utd’s season as ‘disastrous’

Roy Keane during his time as Ireland assistant manager

Roy Keane gave a typically withering assessment of Manchester United’s season, calling their campaign ‘disastrous’ before Monday night’s match against Brentford.

Keane has been a regular critic of United throughout the season, in which the expected title challenge has petered out into a fight for Europa League qualification, and has been left unimpressed by a number of issues at the club.

“It’s been a disastrous season on a number of fronts,” he told Sky Sports. “Off the field, a change of manager, bringing in a manager – giving him a caretaker role which was never going to work.

“They’re too easy to play against, they’ve not won enough games, a lot of players leaving the club, a lot of players wanting to leave the club. It’s been a long old season for them and they’ll be glad to see the back of it.”

“It’s ugly that, Whatever way you look at it, it’s not good,” Keane told viewers when confronted with some damning statistics.

“We know it’s a long way back for Man United but of course, there is a way back. Maybe the new manager is coming at a good time because I think you can’t get any worse.

“I think that it’s the points total that worries me. Even last year when you were thinking Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] did well to finish the second… there’s such a big gap.”

“I think recruitment is gonna be [important]… he’s going to have to get the right players in, the right characters and get players out the door because the last few years just haven’t been good enough. How many times can you say it?

“And the biggest worry for me, when they’ve had these disappointments, is the reaction. There’s been a real lack of leadership. And I go back to it, whatever about talent, not enough characters in that dressing room.”

Take it away, Keano.

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