Throwback: Robert Pires loses his sh*t with a Tottenham fan

Robert Pires celebrates scoring for Arsenal in 2004.

Whenever we think about Robert Pires – which is more often than you might imagine – we generally think of him as the cooler than cool attacking midfielder that appeared to be cut from silk so classy were his performances for Arsenal.

Sure, that botched penalty against Manchester City aside, we didn’t think Pires ever really lost his cool while operating as the scourge of Premier League defences at Highbury.

“That penalty should have been retaken, because the ball never moved from the spot,” Thierry Henry reminisced on that famous penalty incident in an interview with Sky Sports.

“It didn’t, and I don’t know what the ref did or what Danny Mills was doing.

“On that one, the only mistake I did was I didn’t [take] it. I should have passed it to Robert. We did it so many times in training, but in training everything is easy.

“I thought the big man Robert wouldn’t have lost his composure. But he did.

“I don’t know why he tried to roll it. If the goalkeeper went diving, maybe I would have dummied it, but maybe I would have passed it back to Robert.”

But north London derbies can be weird, so perhaps it’s no surprise Pires did in fact lose his sh*t with one supporter during a trip to White Hart Lane.

Still, invariably the Frenchman had the last laugh against Arsenal’s fierce rivals; in 12 appearances against Spurs for the Gunners, Pires  tasted defeat not once.

“I scored eight goals against Tottenham. I’m proud of this because I know this rivalry is very important for the Arsenal fans. I know the Spurs fans hate me. It is a good sensation!” he said in 2015.

Fair play, Bobby.

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