Watch: Bilbao player scores volley in gloriously satisfying fan-filmed video


Every so often you stumble across a brilliant fan-filmed brilliant from the stands, and this stunning HD video – capturing a great goal from Athletic Bilbao – is up there with the best.

For every 100 grainy videos of the back of someone’s parka or disappointing free-kick drilled straight at the wall, you get one gem like this that’s even better than watching on tv.

“I got to go to a Athletic Bilbao game in the summer of 2017 while traveling for work,” wrote the Reddit user that captured it. “Stumbled across this video today looking through the photos from the trip and thought I would share.

“I was traveling solo and my buddy convinced me to find a ticket and go saying I had to experience a match. As a life long sports fan, I can honestly say, this was unlike any other live sporting event I have experienced. From the people in the streets headed to the game to the atmosphere in the stadium; it was amazing!”

Watch below: