Watch: Bailly enacts breakdancing mode during Man Utd clearance

Man Utd defender Eric Bailly

There’s nobody quite like Eric Bailly and the Manchester United defender lived up to his unconventional reputation during the 1-1 draw against Young Boys.

Bailly started the final Champions League group match in a golden opportunity to prove his worth to new interim boss Ralf Rangnick.

What followed was two moments of peak Bailly. During the first-half, the centre-back did his best Booker T impression with a ‘Spinaroonie’ after a successful tackle.

He then paid homage to the rich tradition of breakdancing just minutes later. This time, he made a crucial block to deny Young Boys a goal and then immediately spun around on the turf because… well, he’s Eric Bailly.

Never change, Eric. Never change.

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