Watch: Lampard brutally trolls Spurs – ‘We always won at three point lane’

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard pre-match vs Leicester.

Frank Lampard’s time at Chelsea was packed full of trophies, goals and iconic performances, and he remains one of Chelsea’s biggest legends in spite of his recent managerial spell.

With 177 Premier League goals, the midfield icon, who started his career at West Ham had plenty of reason to dislike Spurs, but with 10 career goals against them, they had plenty of reason to dislike him.

In an interview with his ex-England colleague Gary Neville, Lampard was asked which away ground was his favourite to play in, and he didn’t need a moment’s thought before replying. “Tottenham,” he said.

Lampard’s reasoning was that Chelsea “used to beat them, a lot,” and most teams could relate to that well. Neville certainly could and he burst into laughter.

Spurs fans will not enjoy this interview at all, but considering their performance last night in the Conference League, who wouldn’t fancy their chances against them?

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