Watch: Hungarian ball boy reaches next level of sh*thousery


You don’t often notice ball boys during a match, but when you do, it’s usually because they’ve done something brilliant.

It takes a special kind of person to be a shithouse ball boy. You need to go up against some of the biggest names in the world and make them look like a mug, all while still being a teenager.

That’s a special kind of energy.

Over the years we’ve seen the likes of Kyle Walker, Jan Vertonghen and Joe Hart take on ball boys and lose. Well, not in Hart’s case, he just screamed at the poor lad.

Of course, the peak came when Eden Hazard kicked the life out of Swansea’s ball boy, who, to be fair, probably deserved it for his time-wasting tactics.

Anyway, we were wondering when the first instance of ball boy shithousery would appear this season, and thankfully the Hungarian Cup has got us sorted.

And this might be our favourite example yet of a ball boy being a bit of a git. Everything about it is perfect.

The player jogs over to take a throw-in, and the ball boy kindly holds the ball out to give it to him. What a nice and considerate young lad.

*Plot twist*

The ball boy then throws the ball miles away before walking off and giving one of the sassiest looks you could ever imagine.

We’re not sure how the match went, but no doubt his manager was happy with his excellent time-wasting tactics.

Ballboy shithousery of the highest level in the Hungarian Cup yesterday. from r/soccer

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