Watch: Jack Grealish rubs salt into wound with nutmeg on Virgil van Dijk


If Aston Villa‘s stunning 7-2 victory over Liverpool wasn’t evidence enough that football has lost the plot, Virgil van Dijk getting given the runaround by Jack Grealish underlined the sense of chaos. 

The Villa talisman played it through the authoritative Dutchman’s legs as if this was some journeyman Championship centre-half rather than, you know, arguably the best defender in the world and the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year 2018-19.

It wasn’t even one of those nutmegs that looks nice in a two-second clip devoid of any context, not going anywhere or ultimately resulting in lost possession. It was played through to Ross Barkley who got a shot away on goal.

Three assists and two goals is a nice encapsulation of how unplayable Grealish was against Liverpool, but if you’re looking for visual representation, look no further than this.

Watch the video below.

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