Watch: Carragher and Micah Richards start dad-dancing in TV studio


After his heated debate with Gary Neville earlier in the week, Jamie Carragher cut loose with some dad-dancing alongside Micah Richards in the CBS studio. 

Carragher and Neville locked horns over a number of matters on Monday Night Football before continuing their argument in the Sky Sports car park. 

He moved away from debates and had some light-hearted fun with Richards during CBS’ coverage of the Champions League quarter-finals.

The pair tried to replicate a dance that Richards had performed with Ishmael Miller following his dramatic 95th-minute equaliser for Manchester City against Everton in 2006.

Their dance moves certainly left a lot to be desired and Alex Scott and Kate Abdo were unable to control their laughter in the background.

Richards then showcased his gymnastic skills and cartwheeled across the studio after being egged on by Carragher. 

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