Watch: Jose Mourinho interrupts Son’s interview to joke his goal was sh*t


Remember all those articles you read about how Jose Mourinho had lost it? Well, Tottenham appears to have given him a new lease of life.

When things started falling apart at Chelsea and subsequently Manchester United, Mourinho looked surly and sombre, but he’s evidently loving life again at Spurs.

Just look at this latest clip after their big 2-0 win in the North London derby, which demonstrates the mischievous side of his character. It’s like watching Jose 1.0 from his first stint at Chelsea.

Son Heung-min was beaming after the starring role he played in the win, scoring a sensational long-range effort early on before playing in Harry Kane for the second.

But Mourinho loves keeping him on his toes and barged into the post-match interview to tell him Son goal was sh*t, reminiscent of a couple of months back at Southampton when he interrupted to point out the South Korean wasn’t man of the match after his four-goal haul, but Kane was for his four assists.

We could never quite work out if he was joking then, but he definitely is here.

Watch the clip below: