Watch: Jurgen Klopp gets annoyed at Everton ball boy’s sarcastic applause

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaks to the ball boy after the final whistle

Sh*thousery is a fine art in football, and one Everton ball boy nailed it to a tee when he sarcastically applauded Jurgen Klopp after Liverpool dropped points in the title race.

Ball boys have a long and proud history of getting under the skin of opponents, and this Everton youngster was no different.

Liverpool failed to break down a dogged Everton side in the Merseyside derby, handing the advantage over to Manchester City in the Premier League title race.

And one Toffees ball boy found himself having a stern telling off from Klopp after appearing to sarcastically applaud the Reds manager.

Something tells us the ball boy really enjoyed this moment.

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