AC Milan's Kaka with the trophy after the Champions League Final at the Athens Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece. May 2007.

Watch: ‘What a player!’ Gen Zer’s first reaction to Kaka

In the latest episode of our football legends reaction series on YouTube, Ben got the chance to check out Kaka for the first time.

Ben has recently reacted to the likes of Diego MaradonaMarco van Basten and Adriano, but this time he got to witness what Kaka was really like during his prime.

Having only started watching football in 2008, Ben’s first memories of Kaka were when he had moved over to Real Madrid and his powers had started to fade, so it’s only right we showcased his prime.

The Brazilian magician was the last player to win the Ballon d’Or in 2007, before the era of Messi and Ronaldo began.

Kaka scored 95 goals for AC Milan in 270 appearances between 2003-2009.

Whilst in Italy, the Brazilian won five trophies including one Serie A title and the 2006/07 Champions League.

The midfielder was a member of Brazil’s historic 2002 World Cup winning squad and he went onto score 29 goals for his country.

Kaka’s 2009 move to Real Madrid didn’t quite materialise like many people had hoped, but he still had some moments of magic.

Ben might have just missed Kaka’s peak, but this is the next best thing…