Can you name every Italian player to score 10+ Premier League goals?

In the history of the Premier League, only 13 Italians have scored 10 or more goals in the competition – but how many of those players can you name?

Despite Italy’s success at international level and the strength of the Serie A, the country has not provided the Premier League with as many illustrious names as some of its European neighbours.

There’s some plausible explanations for this; most of the best Italian players have traditionally stayed in their home country, the cultural differences between England and Italy and the globalised nature of the Premier League allowing its club the pick of the best players from everywhere.

But some Italians have thrived in England, plundering goals with reckless abandon and becoming cult heroes at their respective Premier League clubs.

Naming the Italian players who have scored 10 or more Premier League goals, however, is a tricky business. Legendary figures like Francesco Totti, Alessandro Del Piero and Roberto Baggio are naturally absent from the list and many of those that do feature had limited success with the Azzurri.

We’ve given you the number of goals each player scored and the clubs each player appeared for in the Premier League as clues. An asterisk denotes the player is still active in the Premier League.

The score to beat from the Planet Football office is 10/13 and we’d be seriously impressed with anybody that managed to get full marks. You’ve got 15 minutes to do just that. 

Plus once you’ve done that, why not see if you can try to name Italy’s XI from their Euro 2020 final win v England?

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