‘We Are Atrocious’: 8 Chelsea legends on the disastrous 2022-23 season under Todd Boehly

It’s fair to say that Todd Boehly’s tenure at Chelsea so far hasn’t gone to plan, with the club currently sitting in the bottom half of the Premier League table.

Despite huge sums of investment, Boehly hasn’t been able to get it right so far. Having been at the club for less than a year, he has already overseen three different managers.

Plenty of Chelsea legends have had their say on the situation at the club and we have collected eight of the best quotes.

Didier Drogba

“I knew this club with a certain class during the Abramovich era, but today I find it lacking,” Drogba told Canal+.

“It’s very hard for me to see how they got rid of certain people. They should go back to the principles and values they had. I no longer recognise my club.”

Frank Leboeuf

“We are talking about Pochettino, he may be the right one, but until I hear him say what he is going to do with the number of players, who is going to stay and leave, his tactics, who are his leaders, I don’t believe any coach can sort the problem out,” Leboeuf told ESPN.

“The leadership we used to have with names like Dennis Wise, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba, Marcel Desailly, is no longer there. That is the main problem.

“It was shameful, disgraceful, pitiful, everything. On top of dirtying the image of the club, they have dirtied their own image. They don’t realise what they are showing to the world is the worst in the world of football.

“They have shown to the world they don’t deserve to wear the shirt. The club is a big club, but that team is the shame of that club. I have never seen that before in my life. I wanted to switch off the TV it was so shameful.”

Petr Cech

“Sad to see the club in the position of the table as they are. There are a lot of experienced players [who] have experienced difficult moments in their careers like that.

“I hope that Frank [Lampard] gets together with the players. They can find the solution for the next coming games and sometimes you just need one win, one positive result to turn the corner.”

Joe Cole

“The owners as well, they’ve come and in and they’ve done what all good owners do: they’ve spent money. You have to praise them for that, they’re good people, they want to do what’s right for the club,” Cole told BT Sport.

“But they probably have to look at themselves and go, ‘Right, who’s advising us on these players? Why have we got nine number 10 wingers when we could have got a number nine?’

“We don’t know the ins and outs, but the problem lies with the recruitment over the last 12 months I think.”

Jason Cundy

“We are the worst team in the country right now. We are the worst team in the division. We are atrocious, atrocious,” Cundy told talkSPORT.

“Whatever way you look at it, every angle you turn, wherever you look, it’s been a disaster. This is one of those years, hopefully, I’ll look back and go, ‘oh God do you remember 22/23?’ We need stability, need a striker.

“This is not a squad of players that should be where they are, it is shameful.”

Ruud Gullit

“You can’t buy teams and win immediately,” Gullit told beINSPORT. “That’s the most difficult part, especially in the Premier League. He [Boehly] is going to learn and you need to have patience.”

Glenn Hoddle

“There have been a lot of managers who have been sacked, what shocked me more was Tuchel being sacked,” Hoddle told Premier League Productions. “It was a poor decision, I’m sorry but it was, for Chelsea, no doubt about it.

“What he did in a short period of time, you’ve got to look at that, a Champions League winners, you had the foundation there for real success and now they’re grasping for that by trying to go and buy a load of players.

“Give that money to Tuchel and go and buy what he wants to buy, that would’ve been incredible.”

Thiago Silva

“I think the first step has been made, an incorrect step, but it has been made,” Silva told TNT Sports Brazil. “We can’t be blaming the managers if we don’t take responsibility. It’s a hard period for the club, with a lot of indecision.

“Change of ownership, new players arriving – we had to increase the size of the changing room because it didn’t fit the size of the squad.

“Some can’t make the squad, we signed eight in January, we need to stop and put a strategy in place otherwise next season we could make the same mistakes.”

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